Love redefined


It’s amazing how love gets redefined in the first seconds of holding the new life you’ve just created in your arms. The intensity of the feeling is quite overwhelming, and I really thought I knew love; had the privilege of experiencing it twice in my life. For which I feel blessed, many look for it all their life, without success…
I remember making jokes during the whole experience; I remember the first sight of her, and the expected cry, and then the feeling, the tears in the corners of my eye … couldn’t wait to hold her. There aren’t many words I can find to describe it…magical and overwhelming are the ones that come to mind, but they don’t do any justice…
Its love, but love like you have never known before, love you just know you’ll die for if it comes to it.
Makes you feel Goliath, with only purpose in life to care, love and protect …true unconditional love. I guess you could read it off my face, the nurses never even bothered to ask me if I wanted to rest, she was in my arms, where she stayed all night. I was listening to her breathing, feeling her warmth in my neck where her forehead lied. She was perfect, she was life, she was me, she was him, she was us…
Couldn’t sleep all night, wiping the occasional tear, falling down my face…tears of bliss, an amazing maternal bliss…
Love was redefined; life had a whole new meaning….


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