..family visits…


Love them!
Right now – inbetween family visits, mom&dad inlaw gone,check!, in 2 days sis inlaw with family arrives for a long weekend. All in all fun, though you end up exsausted. As much as i love them all (have to admit, have been lucky with in-laws 🙂 ), I am already broken, and secretely planning how NOT to do anything on the WE, after this last visit…. although knowing my little one, will most likely have other plans…she just loves grandmas/grandpas visiting, & yeah, can you blame her, so much attention, hugs, presents.. wish we all just lived a bit closer to eachother… but life takes you, where you take it…in our case – a bit far from family/relatives…
oh well, can’t complaint, we’re blessed with eachother ..a small family unit on our own 🙂


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