…France is pretty, especially when not raining, the beach was beautifully white, long & glinstering.. just the sun was missing most of the times 🙂

We had a nice time, despite the bad weather, saw many pictoresc places. Many crépes were indulged. It was fun playing png-pong with you 🙂 . Loved walking hand in hand with you. I’d still have the ocasional doubting thought run a sprint through my mind, but tried to push it aside. Kids had fun, doggie had fun too. It was nice seing the family, or at least part of it…

The way back was long and rainy, but it was worthed when we got to cuttle with 5 overly cute fluffy puppies. Got home tired, mostly you i guess.

Back home still have of these moments…something small triggered it, cant even remember what…and then they last for days, try dealing with them by my self, dont wanna upset you…but its just when i got a feeling i get a feeling and its difficult to get rid of it , if you dont re-assure me..


…France is pretty…


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