Monthly Archives: July 2013

Loved you ever since the sun showed me your eyes
Loved you when you weren’t mine
Loved you when you left
And died a bit that day..
Loved you when you called
And resurrected me from my sickbed;
Loved you when we danced,
Loved you with the world between,
Loved you also when we fought
Loved you when you left again…
Sea of tears I have wept but
Loved you so, that I won’t give up
Even in the darkest hour…
Loved you when u came back –
The world was bright again
Although you were a changed man..
Loved you when you had it rough
Loved you when you made me laugh
Time would fly and I’ll love you still
Even when it was hard to understand your will;
Loved you when I believed You didn’t …
Loved you when I was mad-
Even when I though I didn’t
…I loved you still I guess
I lost my way, you loved me then
I realised you changed again
I love you through the happy days
I love you through the pain
I love you now even more than then.
So much to lose, so much to fear –
I love you through my madness,
That sometimes settles in
And I will love you ‘til you believe..
Do not fear love (my big mammon)
Or love will fear you ..
Don’t want to say
‘I’ll love forever’…
I intend to show you
As you used to say..