..Bulgaria…she runs through my veins, she is in me..

There is certain mysticism in her

very deep and overwhelming

Felt by many of us when growing up

& difficult to explain to foreign souls

…when i miss her most I can’t help but dive into my memories ..

..walking through the valley on our long walks to the grape vines of uncle in the summer heat hearing nothing but the strong zooming of the summer cicada (житарка) ..memory of piece and simplicity which I cherish deeply

…walking through green paths of National Park Kailuka,.. or the park on the hills of Pleven’s Panorama…

..walking through the mountains following a small narrow, at time non-existent path, surrounded by tall long trees through which only the most tenacious sunrays would reach the green wood floor,.. accompanied by a clear marry river following gently the stones and curves of nature quietly singing a joyful water tune…

Absorbing every molecule of the ambiance of the Bulgarian nature, it is healing, it is exhilarating, and it is humbling

Jumping from stone to stone on the majestic Vitosha’s Stone river

Sitting on the top of a green hill on Vitosha Mountain, overlooking the city of Sofia on a wind still sunny day surrounded by friends sharing fire, food and laughter.. I miss that tremendously

Entering an orthodox church ..always an experience…breathing in the frankincense.. lighting a candle praying for your loved ones and expressing gratitude.. sitting down contemplating the hand-painted icons.. the quietness ..the inner peace… I cry often in churches, when I sit down, empty my mind and soak in the thick church air.. something comes over me..and Icry, cry for everybody that has ever entered there, everybody that has entered this space for comfort and hope… kind of weird I know..


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