..parts of me


There are things about me I am yet to explore and follow; things that inexplicably but strongly attract me and intrigue me…

First and most -I am my Bulgaria, we- her children- all are, her blood and history runs through all of us, but many of us in & out of her borders are lost ..we are her mountains, her soil, her rivers, her fields of corn, her fields of sunflowers.. I miss the mountains the most, at times I crave them..I miss their energy and mysticism ..

I have also felt very close to India, I have a traditional Indian dress and danced at the traditional Diwali celebration surprising myself and everyone with how easy, natural and familiar that felt, I danced as I have danced the Diwali dance countless times before…

Another place I also feel attracted & close to is Tibet & it’s culture, religion, light..energy.. I have an Arab prophet’s wisdom tattooed in Sanskrit on my arm… coincidence you might say..but there is no such thing in life..

On my mental Bucket list first are The Seven Rila Lakes, Rupite and Sv. Petka Church, Tibet.. It augments with time but hope I am given enough of it to fulfil this list one day..


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