Choosing the path


I have started a spiritual journey, one I never had the time for, one that I always felt deep within me, but never followed, as God and Life has blessed me with the riches of Love, the love of a soul mate, the love of motherhood and the love of two beautiful children.

As I embark on this path I am unsure of so much, dealing with my own anxieties, fears, misinterpretations… But I am determined of following my heart (who at times seems to be drowned in the loud voice of my overthinking, over-worried, ruminating brain.. or the so called ego I guess).

All I want is to love, heal and help, it is in truth what gives me most joy in life, it is what I feel is the essence of me.

I try following the signs… as they come along

I heard about Reiki from a friend, somehow I just knew it was the thing for me. Healing with Love and energy – helping to those around me in need.

I did my Reiki attunement last week, which was nice and relaxing experience. In between the attunements, as we were filling in time, we pulled out an oracle card deck, and I pulled out an angel card, it was Archangel Michael… It was the 3rd time I came across his name in a week’s time. I didn’t hoover over the deck of cards; I just looked at a card and took it, and it was him with a powerful relevant and comforting message. It felt good. Many would label this as a coincidence but there are no such things. All is God, all is Karma, energy, all is connected, and all are lessons and paths we have to follow in each lifetime as we learn and grow. We miss out on so much and so much has gone lost throughout time. No not lost, I will rephrase, has gone dormant.

I started meditating when I got the chance, which can be somewhat of a challenge in my daily life of full time working mom of two and a hubby J. But I try, so far I do Reiki on me daily, it has to be done every day for 21 days post initiation as the body need to adjust to the new energy flow and cleanse.

Same day of my attunement my Reiki Master (a really nice, warm lady) pendled and showed me the stone for this stage of my life, a Malachiet, a beautiful green earthly stone, which accidentally is my favourite colour. So I decided to get a nice malachite hanger to complement my spiritual journey. As I was browsing for the meaning and qualities of malachite I came to the Crystal Vaults webpage . Out of curiosity more than anything else I checked what colour stones fit for one born mid-January (me). As you can see it was the colour Violet. As I clicked the colour, a wide selection of violet coloured stones appeared. While browsing through the pages a certain stone caught my eye, but I went on browsing to the next page, next instant I felt the urge to go back to it and see what had captivated my attention- it was a stone called Sugilite, a beautiful Purple stone. I felt drawn to it if you wish. So I googled it what it stands for what it does, etc. and yet again a name came through – “Sugilite – Archangel Michael’s Crystal” ( The light workerchronicles).

“You know I’m scared, but I feel comfort in your presence. He walks beside me and you with me. I thank you for that … I’ve done nothing wrong and yet I find it hard to forgive me…the fear and guilt accompanying this ugly anxiety drown me at times.. thank you for coming to my rescue Angele. I have this enormous capacity of love and giving and all of it needs to reach destination, to help, comfort, heal and love. Not sure how to get there, for now I just follow thy heart…with your guidance …thank you..”


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