The abandoned Church:

About a month or two ago I had a very vivid dream, unlike other dreams it was somehow different, I never had such a dream before.

In the midst of nature surrounded by big trees (forest/mountain?) and next to a small running river there was a small church. The church’s grounds were fenced off and the front fence gate was closed, the church seemed abandoned. It was beautiful church filled with ambiance and frescos.  As no one was using it a Chinese family came and used it as a venue to sell cheap small things, much like the cheap one dollar Chinese shops that can be found scattered across the world. The altars were cluttered with small plastic figures and many items that just didn’t belong there in this sacred place. But as business did not flourish the church was once again abandoned leaving all the unsold items behind. It was very cluttered, its beauty could not be seen through all this…

I was standing at the gate, contemplating the place and instinctively knowing what I had to do. It gave me peace and fulfilment. I opened the gate and entered, pulled my sleeves up and started carefully with much love and care to take away all that did not belong there, every little ‘for sale’ statuette and item was thrown away and a big cleaning was to take place… so the church can serve its original purpose as a temple. At that point I woke up… I woke up in peace and awe, humbled if you wish at this dream. it brought hope


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