Monthly Archives: June 2015



This goes out to a couple i know, who just got to experience the most joyfull event in their life only to hear some months later that that little miracle won’t last .. bless them ❤

I pray for those in spirits low,

Whom life a sorrow has bestow,

It may be a loss, an illness,

Or a cross,

We all have them-

Some more.. some less…

I pray for you,

So Light envelops gently

Your injured soul

Your very core

And guides you soft and steady

Through the abyss of the dark,

So you can reach

The safety of a shore,

Where a new journey

Awaits you to embark.

I feel for you and pray for you-

Take a piece of my own Light,

So you won’t lose your way,

So you won’t walk astray.

It’ll all be well,

Believe it, as I believe in you.

We all are given

What we can bare,

Even when it’s hard

To take a simple draw for air…             

Let your soul

Defy the depths of fear,

And lift your spirit up.

Do not despair,

And search

For the little piece of Light,             

I send to you

In my humble prayer.

Me ®