My Divine within (on fear)


Dwelling thoughts

Like ocean storm

Rise and fall

Bruising thy gentle soul

She keeps searching

For the Light of Sunrise

But sky is covered-

Solid grey..its crying..

Deafened by the thunder drums

She can’t hear her essence calling,

Can’t feel her voice,

Nor can she sing…

Heart quickens by the fear,

Wings freeze-..can’t seem to keep a beat

Time remains oddly still

Or goes too fast-its hard to tell..


What lasts, what fills her heart

And helps her bear through-

-Hope & Faith-

The only Rays of Light within

Shining gently on her Truth

‘This too shall pass’-

And suffering endured

Will soon come to an end

Where her Loving Light

Will once again

Hold her in a warm embrace

Hold her forever

Through any time and space.

“Dear child, look up”,

She heard herself,

And so she did- Oh, Joy!,

A vibrant Ray of Loving Light

Broke the morning gloom

Brightening the murky sky-

Every corner lit!..

‘Is that you?  – At last?!-

Oh, Light of Me, come, rise-

Please shine again,

Dispel the darkness of the fear

Illusion grasping all of me,

Dissolve its ugly shadow here,

Free my Divine within.”

Me (Feb’16)

❤ to all

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